During the workshop we'll cover:

  • Tools and techniques for building successful products
  • Working with patient data
  • Progressing features
  • Team and collaboration considerations

You’ll walk away from this workshop with actionable and meaningful ways to impact your team’s product strategy and process. You’ll learn tactics for working with private data, making small and frequent releases, and improving team collaboration. These practices will not only help you build compliant features but design quality solutions that solve user pains.

This workshop is great for product leaders in healthcare and health tech such as:

  • Engineering leaders looking to optimize their development processes
  • Developers who want to level up on product and team strategy
  • Product Managers looking for ways progress their product roadmap

steph-headshotSteph Viccari, Senior Developer, thoughtbot

Steph is a Senior Developer and Consultant as well as co-host of the award-winning development podcast, The Bike Shed. Throughout her career, she has pursued a passion for solving technical challenges and improving team processes. At thoughtbot, Steph has worked with a wide variety of clients including a number of extensive health tech projects with unique data constraints.

thoughtbot is a design and development consultancy that partners with clients on product while mentoring their teams. We've worked with companies like Merck, Healthify, Careport and many more.